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Whats the deal with: the internet

So what’s the deal with the internet? You think its cool to look at what people on the other side, the other side of the earth are doing. No, its not. It doesn’t matter what they are doing you need to get your own shit together, okay? Oh and whats the deal with Wikipedia. You think its cool to just write what people think, no nobody to tell you what is right. No, its not. Oh and whats the deal with all these ads on my websites pages? You think its cool to just get money from me looking at your pages like I’m some sort of looker for money prostitute. No its not. Tell me what you do not think is cool about the internet. If not, that’s not cool.


Got The Broke-Down Dreary Taxi Dog Blues

I’ve got to get back to my writing.  But not the way I was doing it before.  Follow me as we enjoy…   …   …music, friends, good food and drink…   …   …Life.

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Wildest lightning strike I’ve ever seen

Holy shit!!

Watts Up With That?

Why being in a car during a lightning storm is the safest place to be

As watcher of weather, both as as a one-time storm chaser as well as a person who gets sent email about weather of all kinds, I’ll have to say I’ve never seen anything like this video.  The National Weather Service lighting safety page reports that a person’s odds of being struck by lightning are around 1 in 775,000 at any given time with 1/10,000 in an 80 year lifetime. Capturing the event live on video has to be even higher odds.

A police car dashcam captured footage of a direct lightning strike the roof of a Toyota Landcruiser carrying a senior Russian official on a rainy Russian day – while driving down the freeway.

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Currently on my nightstand

one out of 9’s not bad.

Last night I went to put my glass of water on my nightstand and couldn’t find any room…it has become overrun with books! Here’s the rundown…

1. Lonely Planet Nepal– As I mentioned on Monday, Brian and I are going to Nepal in November! We are seriously excited. Is it November yet?? The first thing we did after buying the tickets, was head to the bookstore (yes a few still exist) to buy books. To say I have become obsessed with researching Nepal would be an understatement. Swayambhunath, I’m coming for you!

2. Blue highways– I bought this book before I left on my road trip across the USA last year. Sadly, I still have not read it. At least I accomplished driving across the country!! I have high hopes that I will get to reading it at some point soon, so for that reason it stays on my…

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I thought this was clever.

A Perspective Study

SeanSerafini designer

My new site is up and running!

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