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Alright, 1st Post… LETS DO THIS!

January 3, 2012

Thinking on how I want my internet persona to come across, on how I want to remember myself and be remembered, it’s not an easy thing to do- accurately present my ideas to an audience.  Still I find myself stabbing away at the keys, partly hoping for illumination in my own life, partly to hear my own echo proving that I still have a voice.  So what message will I paint?

Will my internal-gears that move me fit togeather on paper to produce the beautifully-consistant 12 gong sounds of a grandfather clock when mid-day, or will this be just another ripple in this ocean-like-encompassing machine we call internet, my site sinking to the darkest corners of the web with only the company of could-have-been .com companies, school-assignments, and bad dating profiles to keep it company?

Is it enough to concern myself with these thoughts? Will wondering thoughts get you anywhere that a wondering mouth or a pair of wondering feet can’t, opening the door to places eyes can’t see and hands can’t make or touch, where the spirit can fell free to roam knowing that it can always return? Not sure.

I think there is an answer to anything, if people can’t recall, schools can’t touch with a 10foot pole, governments can’t decide, religion can’t prove, languages can’t translate, camera’s can’t capture and books can’t illuminate then I need to look at the question? The question gives motive and intent, walking us threw a park but not telling how we arrived at the pic-nick tables, leaving the mind in darkness until the veil is lifted, showing the arrogance of questions to be a mistranslation, mere periods passing for Braille.  And an answer favors truth when it seems most relevant to the reporter, a drink of ignorance mixed with pride and a necessiary-willingness to cooperate that engulfs the subject in a one size fits all sickness call nostalgia, and from this buffet of lessons and lies a plate-full of opinion is what’s for dinner and what gets adsorbed is a matter of the askers-appetite.

Looking at this wide-eyed and infant-like, a hold on life seems un-gripable like a hopeless man begging for change but chasing the noise made from coins in pockets of those walking around him, seeming to get louder with each step while the distance between the two widens, change is not seen but ones’ pockets are full because the other only hears answers to the fulfilling questions.  It is because of a lack of vision that one is hopeless, not absence of noise or presence of coin.

So the answer of the question is as clear as the reflection of the dark chalkboards in college-algebra classroom, with answers left in code and questions in need during review? So if we recognize motive we can recognize reasoning and have better odds at understand the news- flashes, health-warnings, expiration-dates, and campaign ploys?

I know that facts change, rules are more like guidelines, and dust isn’t the only thing that gives weight to the wind.  I will do my best to examine popular figures and current events with this blogg, hoping the waters I swim in are more dense than I and using the internet to uncover a message.

Currently accepting ideas. Also currently looking into OCCUPY, News Anchors, and other groups or movements motives and/or incentives and open perspective on life. But more importantly always looking for ideas.

Thanks 4 your time and thanks for your rhyme, because what ever reason you had lead you to this line,


– Brad


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  1. Hooray for Brad, the blogger! Nicely said, my friend——

    • Thank you Kathy, I’ll see you in the Funny Papers! haha. How’s the world lookin’ from your view these days? is there hope? 🙂

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