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President Joe Huntsman: a tool or not a tool, that is the question.

January 5, 2012

Looking at Jon Huntsman, on first glance a cool-older gentleman (51), claiming to love motorcycles and guns, joking “with a last name like Huntsman, Giv-me a break.”, like a newark-townie.  His ideas seemingly just, positive, no mention of abortion (probably because he is for it), a brief acknowledgment of the government expenditures (23% down to 19%); which is good to me, it means the government’s fiscal policy and power is continuously growing, this could be just a speed-bump to government reign-fully over it’s citizens, but the recognition that reform is over the horizon shows promise in politics, Huntsman’s expression of ‘economic and trust deficit’ does cause an internal shift in my mid-section, making me pause from computer-person interaction, what ever that means.  Wearing a serious tone, stories of living in china, outside looking in on the Beautiful-America, he speaks of confidence, or lack of confidence–reeking of Carters speech in 79′ –that is speech preetty cool (warning of then-potential now-realistic threats/obstructions by Federal Government who has a passive view on business, threw forced coercive-ignorant-observation; over Kanye West’s “Runaway” instrumental- his ode to the rich I say,  if you like ‘that kind of thing’ click-it on youtube.—   KANYE WEST- FEAT: JIMMY CARTER. That might get some people’s attention…

Huntsman has lived in China for 2 years, has been the US Ambassador to China, which makes the idea of him being president more-acceptable; to me.  His education plans included talk of increasing Trade-school and Community college numbers, great- if you know what you want to be, no more USP Courses; plans for the energy problem, options were only crude-oil and natural gas plans domestically (part of the Pickens plan, [not good!]), moving on to say solar and wind seem unrealistic now (speaking of the future, not looking to be re-elected, building bridges to the energy-of-the-future).  The BOLD & JUSTness behind the Picken’s Plan is that they will break the foreign dependence on oil, bring more money into the United States of America- the greatest country in the world; but where would the Natural Gas come from?

 The machines would need to be cooled, people need water, wouldn’t it seem peculiar that Picken owns more water than ANYONE IN THE US? Looking to gain-handsomly from the plan and be praised by his comrades, colleges, and accountants, saying no would be rude, almost- considering all the trouble Picken has been threw to attain the vast amount of resources, power in the public and political rhealms that with his level of asset accumulation. I can see why republican’s support it because it sounds like a good thing for their grip on national security against Democrats, and the fight of ‘Left verses Right’, a new soldier on the front lines of the war, or debates; if they were wars any question could be asked, any group member could enter(that regulations agree with obviously, don’t be an ass-hole), and people would be forced to be involved. 

I say, keep the drilling outside the border, making us less ‘all-in’ to the dependence on natural-gas and crude oil, away from thinking that more drilling is sustainable for the economy or America, towards the recognition that the people pushing for the changes will not see the effects, only neighboring towns will see the erosion and smell the destruction, if you want jobs that much create a second minimum wage that will only be implemented upon 5 years of work (employeer’s might tighten-up [like europe] but employees would work harder for the jobs if they knew a 100% raise {about $14 an hour, sound the alarm-whoop di-do} came from doing your job better / for an extended period of time) and it will do more good / give more back to the poor (because the government taking money from the rich [taxation threw representation, go rights !] and giving it back to the poor by creating new fiscal policy is not helping the people, only making them dependant, go socialism ;/ )

On the subject of bringing manufacturing jobs back to US, Huntsman said threw implementation of “a tougher-tax (uh) Climate” for corporations, asking the people to trust that CEO’s want to work in America– upfront stating that he would work hand-in-hand with a ‘room full of important people’, ballsy, I thought co-operative/ coercive capitalism( /democracy)  was ‘frowned-upon”; while also planned to reform the banking system (the big 7 that hold up the government, I don’t know the names); makes me think that he is more gas than brass.

But the question lies: is Jon Huntsman a tool? well… yes.

Huntsman is a tool, but his cause represents everything about the American Democratic System that is worth noting: pushing on Democratic issues, preying on energy options– that benefit his causes financially (Picken’s Plan), what he didn’t say– example is abortion/ personal rights, immigration; playing his part in the Republican style of play– family man, CEO of multi-billion dollar business, experience overseas, kids in various types of schools (including children in domestic and international schooling), and guns guns guns!  

Is it a bad thing? well… not necessarily. 

If it stops the growth of Government’s slice of pie in GDP he is doing better than the past 2. Do I think electing him is worth depleting the resources that were given to America by chance and iron-balls; not to be misconstrued with a sick-sense of Pride but understood that the land was nothing but a gift from tricking the NATIVE Americans by trickery; or killing them.

American government need humility and the Government need ease up on pushing the world around (that is doing more-worse and building more resentment than fear/respect), more-important, the American people need to not let the  push them around- pay attention to the group you support and know that any figure-head answers to a ‘higher-power’; to be aware of what you’re not hearing about.  Politicians will make you a casuality along side their road to the top and give the Pepsi Challenge more thought.

I will keep up with him over the next year but now no ending conclusions about his character/ causes.  I will say that he has challenged congress and stood for a limit on congressonal terms; so that would speed up the slow death of the Preinternet-age (!) way of thought–and the patience that is accepted as a birth-defect, sense the point-in-time when American Businesses were able to deal world-wide and on a grand-scale in general. Does that answer the question?

I hope to get and give resolution.  Sorry about the length.




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