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Is Libertarianism the guilty conscience of Eminem?

January 11, 2012

It is a rare finding that Hip-hop super star, Eminem; who gained public approval with a mixed message of hate and aimed aggression towards middle-America and the American-dream way of life; is the object of comparison of white knight of the political realm, but keeping with the “it takes one to make it annual, until proven guilty” addage, that your best-friend has heard if it is unbeknown to you, I will attempt to cross the cultural globe of politics with the majestic orb that is hip-hop.  But it isn’t really that hard to believe if you think you know what libertarian’s stand for and what they don’t say any thing about…

What does it mean to be libertarian? This is what I found my self thinking, Over the break (Winter 2011– killer)  my brother-in-law accused me of being a libertarian, stepping back in a weary daze I rushed thru the doctrine of my mind, what could I have told him that would have connected me to political party? I replied, “No, I am more of an island.” or something along the road of solidarity, but that to Omid (bro-in-law) was that definitive nail in the coffen, beyond that point I was labeled, “A Lib”. Then I got wise, started looking up these guys–you know, public policies and what not.

First, the ideal libertarian USA would be the same as an Anarchist USA or even an Agnostic Christians USA– with drive thru churches and play-ground abortions (…too much?).  “Not exact in its answers but positive in a direction”– is how I would put liberalism in ten words.  Beliefs in the party that range as left an right as the two– democrats and republicans– in Immigration deputes but all can agree restrictions are to many; In regards to taxes all would agree that taxation is necessary, seeing as the government has no way to make money, keeping that in-mind, the pain of a globally dominating force– that is the US Military– is going to be felt in the joints before crippling us to our knees– meaning it is okay to tax for Education, roads, but the percent for National Security per/ percent of government expenditures should be decreasing sense WWII not increasing (general trend); beyond that it seems like they just want to take away the “red-tape” that has accumulated over the past 100 or so years, all the government incentives, bills and regulations wiped clean, leaving a government to protect property rights, a people to do what they want as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else, a foreign-trade policy that is free of tarrffis (the real BULLY in global relations– started less than 50 years ago, by US ITS WHY WE DON’T LIKE CUBA, a whole country– pity), put term limits on the wealthily-fat members on the state, and abolish the 2nd amendment– on the assumption that a gun is a piece of property and should be encompassed in that category (not held apart)

All things considered: limiting and restricting government power while shifting this power and responsibility to the people, opening the closed box that is America to the world-wide-world, while moving forward down the evolutionary chain of Thought– applied to society and race; they sound like they have the right ideas, is it realistic?

Why wouldn’t this system work: communication is easy enough that agricultural producers (not just th BIG farms) could syndicate together to allocate what fields need to grow and railways are already known as the America’s backbone. But More importantly how is this comparable to Eminem?  — I guess really just the song title and the implication that people know they are doing wrong before they do it, this feeling of a guilty conscience on American politics is the Libertarian ideas– NO COMPROMISE.  And I believe that is why It wouldn’t work– COMPROMISE; not untill my son’s President atleast, he will restore order to the force… don’t think too much into that geeks.

As always, I hope that was fun




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