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Does the Movie “Ice Age” Tell Another Story

February 6, 2012

Alright this might be a strech so lets take a walk… Ice age is a kids movie that people all ages can relate to. A story of friendship and comrodery, a group of friends — Deigo (sabertooth tiger) Sid (sloth) Manny (Mammoth) — looking for a new home or face extinction. 

In the beginning, the group of different animals and playing on a water slide and a vulture talks to everyone confirming the assumption that the flood is coming and giving plot to the movie… The vulture explians how the wall of ice is going to melt and flood the bowl-like setting that they live in.  In this metaphore or simily, the water already melted is the debt, the ice bowl is potential debt, the differnt animal species are the different job careers people have today, the animals moving to new land is the struggle* between old and new ways of life.  Welp, thats about it for now. Trying to make this thing a habit.

-Till America drinks Canada dry,

J. Brad Nicolas



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