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My Newt Impression: On Energy.

February 7, 2012

Ok before getting started I am going to address the possibility that I am being to negative in this blogg.  That could be true.  I will tone it down.

All right Newt, what are you talking about.  You raise questions about increasing fiscal (federal government) power in some states ( primary ) saying that half of Nevada’s spending last year was federal. (This was contradict his words later)  He goes on talking about drilling for shale-oil using a machines that were invented for off shore drilling but can be used on land. He proposes to invest more money in drilling to create jobs and such, but that would mean that federal spending would need to increase.  So we need to keep an eye on federal spending, as it goes up?

My problem with the on shore drilling is that it is an enabling motive.  If we do this we start tearing up America, the most beautiful and lush land left on earth, and by passing bills to drill here we are discouraging car companies from making more fuel efficient cars and the government from investing in new ideas for energy.  Beside the fact that the people around the drilling would be the only ones to see their destruction, for aa whilee, it is not good for the World political rhealm.

There is already been talk on line and in the news about other countries colluding togeather against the global tyrant, this would put the pinch on them even more than Trade tarriffs did agriculture.  If we did this I think we would be forcing ‘terrorist’ into action, so for the sake of global circulation of money — for the sake of peace — we have to keep throwing money away nondomestically and come to terms with the idea that as technologies increase, money loses it’s value.

Yours Till America Drinks Canada Dry,


P.S.– what about Nuclear? I don’t like it because we don’t have any where to throw away the rods.  If we make a space ship that can take them to mars I wouldn’t have a problem, outside the obvious Chernobal possibility, but storing these thing in the mountains is not enough for me to back it.


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