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Noam The Dome

February 9, 2012

This is truth and speaking volumes, not from economic push but from educated backing: Let’s break it down, 

This is an interview with Noam where he break into it with talking about Iraq and how Bush said ‘why do they hate us? then Bush answered his (Bush) question by saying that, “they hate our freedom.” Noam answers it by saying “We hate their freedom. They hate our policy” . That is in the first 2:00.

4:00 US support of dictatorship, 6:00 Senate on Unpatriotic existing Law (what to keep an eye on),8:12 Army base in Australia, Honk Kong, China,9:00 Russian balance of power, 9:00 On OCCUPY movement (1% should be subdivided into 1/10 of the 1%) “1st reaction to a violent attack on the people(10:23) “… ,11:18 a realistic explaination of unemployment,12:30 FOX news, 13:16 (Solow is O’bamas friend from Chicago growing up and back his foriegn policy), 14:24 Trillions of dollars made off loans that were given away and made companies rich, 15:03 JOBS INEFFICIENCY & marijuana, “would we harm innocent people for what they do,” aka victomless crimes, 17:00 relative freedom after the civil war untill WWII, 17:18  RON Paul’s Forign Policy agreements, 19:00 israel isolation, 22:30 U.S. Emmissions ICC and believeing in a flat earth, 27:27 Major business propaganda and American disbelief, 29:00 Facebook,

They close by saying that I hope the Occupy movement should get involved in the election…  this movement is not near the scale of an electoral impact but “if you want to be serious about elections… you need senators, representatives, government, investment decisions (control), capital. its a long struggel, its the right struggle…its a big job that should be done”

I am,


Ps- Look for OCCUPY and Libertarian party to combine. Blacks and Womens Rights’ Movements already did it in America, for the better and against the advisory of the State. Some things to keep in mind…


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