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BIGGEST NEWS: Gun>sword, calculator > gun, keyboard > calculator. I know… its good news.

February 12, 2012
"The Weapon"

I'm telling you what some people already know.

Wow. This came to me in a little coffe shop close to UK campus (good cup of coffee said the guy next to me -I had to tell someone.. This to me is one of the biggest thoughts I’ve ever had. Okay,

The sword maintained the way of life in the ancient world, it gave the samari ruling power in Japan in the midst of the gang-territories and little government, and lack of common language. Kung Fu Panda 2 shows this (not the language).

The invention on the gun brought a quick end to the Samari way of life, like the calculator brought an end to the Wild West in early America. But the Federal Bank development of a single currency strayed away from the independant notes of the separate states. This is good, i guess (just b/c we will never know and it unified our nation, but like all good there is equal bad. In our case the bad was that the storage of money grew continuously over the past two hundred years, which began with government intervention in the banking system.

The calculator made it more lucritive to put numbering in writing then just kill and take the money. WELL, THE KEYBOARD  makes information available to everyone and because information is free. it makes the wealth spread equally(information is a measure of wealth and well being to i think) and makes it more lucrative to not be shady/ shisty businessmen (because it is bad for other peoples public interests being associated with people ‘like that’.)

This is a big step. An important one I think, actually I feel this is the best idea I have ever had and coming from a person with my level of vainity is saying something. WOW I am still basking in the glory of thought.

To look more into the banking systems language check out Bradswrite on wordpress, also. TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY.


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