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Polygamy? the question, the answer?

February 14, 2012

If you can’t apreciate unadulteraded creative reign you would probably not like this post.

I say that polygamy would be just the change this country needs to rebalance the scales of justice. Because the systems in place now would have to go threw extreme reconstruction.  Welfare would have to change and [people wouln’t have to cheat* any more claiming other peoples kids] i know that is a big concern to the silent majority. 

Studies have been carried out and surveys have been tallied, the addition of one child to a family (like having twings opposed to singles) does not increase the overall cost, that much . (clother can be shared, food better rationed, shetler cost is constant, ) (The economics of poverty and discrimination, Schiller).  This is evidence that the cost of maintaining the eroding-nuclear family structure in America ((educationalforum,, would ultimatly not be effected by the expansion.  Unless you count positive effects.

The most imporant thing in the development of children is human contact and human interaction. There is a psychology study where 2 groups of kids were ‘adopted’ and one was given attention, love and touch and the other was given food and a diper change. It is pretty clear what I’m pointing at, the group with only the bear necessities died. (Harry Harlow Experiment)  The economics of the household are also something very rarely correctly quanitfied on paper. I mean the value of childcare, doing household chores, and other ‘free’ services would prove to be more efficient than the minimum wage job a woman, in the context I learned about it, would accept to pay for the things like childcare, food, and well-being measured in terms of the childs temporal development.

With pologamy would be the reason behind welfare reconstruction. It would end the small issues of gay marriage, abortion, and would give more room for debate on the forign polcies, social hypocracies, moral delimas of the public school infrastructure. That’s all I’m sayin’.



P.s.- 12% of the Federal Supreme Court Judges are over 80 years old, out of 1200. We have public servants who are almost on bed rest because no one wants to step into the position or try to fill the position of Judges, the hypocracy of the job is you cannot get to that level without clashing with the institution your representing and bending the rules. So we are short on Judges, which I think shows moral character. Why tho?  Now is it only money that drives people, that drives this? No compassion in a room full of theives,  when the courts need it most, no room’s left in litigation for empathy, only action, harsh swift action.


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