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OCCUPY: A Reason to Respect the Dick!

February 15, 2012

okay uh oh it looks like we have a problem with mass enlightenment,

Manipulate hate -> discontent -> research -> resolution-> Revolution — (which could involve) :

1. Small business would have to co-op a lot more, government would have to help with agr. redistribution.

2. Death of the Stock Market : So many people researching such a big deal, even if Washington really is doing everything right, (lower-cased) meaning everything is in motion. There is to many working parts that are ideological, moving, that couldn’t be seen. I think people will either use their power too harshly, if everyone in America had an opinion on the troop deployment in Austraila, and if everyone knew that that foothold was in place kept, among other things, to control the global agriculture trade — keeping crops cheep [bankrupting all the small farms][ and mainly big-biz gov sub sidised crops] — too keep the balance in a global arms race started off fear (and before the internet) more than fifty years ago, I think people would have a different opinion on national defense taxes.

What scares me is that if people were to know this, and they did come to the same conclusion about the use of global force and government intervention, that they would ‘come to terms’ with the fact. And let the fight between left-right continue, counting the ‘resolution’ as a casuality of war because the fight isn’t at their door.

Then it also scares me if the same content is taught in schools. Not esp. b/c the kids althought they are the reason, but because the policies put in place are big business for those who know what to look for. These people are good at what they do, and they are indifferent to casualities.  These people are the ones that can afford to hire groups of lawyers to go along with the law, on paper. these people are the people that strike rebellion in the people that don’t feel the rain (trickel down theory).  These are the dirt people, these are the desperate and beaten in a different country, living in the shadows of Western light. Where they see enough about America on TV to know to play along, and they are just as awe struck by the light as we were when “video killed the radio start”. 

So is the compromise not between how quickly people can find what is wrong and between how quickly Washington wants to start coming to the realization that Congress’ struggleis in the street not the court room. They have a higher power to answer to than their lobbyist and Mothers, History. That is the responsibility they all agree to.

So to recap, lets hope change happens slow enough for organization of the household business’ like bakeries n such to be ready to trade exchange goods as currency and for people to come to terms with a vegitarian diet, but quick enough that the friends in the east don’t kill themselves trying to kill us, and before the resources are drained too much that the people left can’t resort to anything civil except large-scale army on American shores.  but all in an appropiate time spand that we can get the right innovations in technology before it all falls down.

That is why you should give the OCCUPIERS a break because they see that, and they want something to change before it gets to late!

Sorry about this one, but I don’t know who read this so you can turn your head,

J. Brad Nicolas

P.s- Our parents are fucked.


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