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Why isn’t it cool to volunteer?

February 17, 2012

This one will be short because I know people who volunteer don’t like talking about it and that people who don’t volunteer don’t like talking about volunteering.

The bone that I have to pick is that it seems like every time I hear someone mention they have volunteered in some organization or with an orphanage I see people’s eyes pace the floor. Looking as if they have some flaw.

Why is it that volunteers can’t go about following their dreams of travel, wonder, and weariness without being the overtly righteous one.  In the 80s Animal House’s Belushi said a line after the house was evicted, “Now what am I going to do, join the Peace Corps?” In Wedding Singers ‘Sack-attack’ (B. Cooper) plays the part, very funny, perfectly. Have we been conditioned so that, as if the compassion from the 60s is a fade, love moves in and out with the tide?

I’m sure I wasn’t the first when I said I went to India with Habitat for myself, it’s not like people didn’t get help or a little dignity. Yeah if you want to ego trip go to India, they take pictures with you because your the only white person they know, touch your hair, and if your a blond-chick watch your back. It i actually a complement to just go into their home, the physical act of company gives bragging rights to the family members for as long as the picture lasts, or the family.  But I think we are at the time in history where a certain degree of righteousness is needed to show people that were not all the same., all us human-s/ itarians. So all you wanna be humanitarians fear no more, salvation is your destiny.

That’s the daily daily,



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