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Thought from A Rogue Philo-social Economists and Political ‘Issues’:

February 23, 2012


Okay I think I might have a short term solution to political ‘worries’.  If we put a mass public transportation system in place, where the taxi drivers and gas station owners in big cities wouldn’t be hurt, and made sure it is not luxury  (I mean travel is cheap), magnets make trains go 600mph, that’s a 4 hr trip from New York to California.  It would be good for small businesses around the different hubs.  It would be a form of Social Keynesianism. The ‘jobs’ issue would be settled for short run and in the long-run profits would be almost not there, but the positive effects of cheap travel would be felt in the increased confidence towards government spending and correct allocation & attention of government resources. 

It would also show the poor in urban communities’ confidence towards the future because it would be made by them for them.  Families could visit families across country in a day trip, when usually a whole week would be put aside. 

 This and legalization of all personal (DRUGS, BODY, DEATH) would give people the time and ability to think about the real issues & policies that are in place and effecting others, without letting tiresome debate of abortion and gun control suck the passion out of international relations because of the ‘fuck it’ mentality that congresses current actions passively enforce.

        This would mean a lot of government regulations to see that the railway expansion wouldn’t be a monopoly, which lets those old guys feel important.  But strictly speaking now is the time to invest in public works with rates low and high unemployment.  The confidence that this would instill would be the little change this country needs to come together and decide how to run this country in the interest of humanity as a whole people, and America as well.

        I think people want to care but there is too much to think about during the half hour Television program.  I really think this would work and it would be compromise for both sides (Washington verses Other) but still a step into the direction of economics that we have been grounded and come to power using. Let me know if you want me to explain my ‘quotes’, it’s hard to be ‘politically correct’ about the ‘issues’.

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