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Rand Paul’s due to visit KY

February 28, 2012

I want to find the right question to ask him. Could it be…

How could it benefit Washington for the Stock Market to be doing good? hit him with a hypothethical question so he can get his forrever young on… perfect world conditions type deal.  See how he feels abo…ut the corporate capitalization and essentiallly  immediate and unprepared transformation of USA away from a production country with their push of international trade programs (trading quality items for cheap imports and welfare programs)

or… go the libertarian direction ask, “I know that you oppose the federal government being able to hault racial discrimination of small businesses, why wouldn’t the 2nd amendment be included in ‘private property rights’?

Go for the gut with, (he was in senate the same time as his father was in the House and agrees with term limits…) Do you think that the political powerhouse families like the Bushs’,  Tafts’, Adams’ Kennedys’, & Clintons should be aollowed tfrom happening with term limits to congress because of the likely hood of political coercion?

And this is the guy we, (I, the editorial)  like…  

Its hard to ask questions with 2 parts, but it eliminates the use of brevity, which seems how people can get away with a lot.

what do you all think about the question or what would be good to ask? I’m still new at this civil servant thing.


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