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Masters of our time

March 1, 2012

You Do What You Have To.

You do what you have to. What’s he mean? You do what you have to. He’s not making any sense.

Okay, you do what you have to do at that point in time. That moment out time that instinct overpowers intellect. Living in a highly technologically advanced society, a human emotion like instinct is often thought to be a lost cause, left at the side of the road like a lost hub-cap, or a soldier M.I.A. behind enemy lines, not worth the effort it takes to hone in on our evolution when a calculator can give an immediate right answer. Often like a kid who watches the X-games then begs his parents for a skateboard only to bust his ass once and trades it to a kid up the street for some rock candy, instinct is one of those things easily looked over. So when you do what you have to do it so you can get to a pinnacle at the end of your life, old and in love with life, looking at the young people going through the emotional roller coaster, feeling the cruel sting of love, all the mid life crisis’, all the emotions you take for granted when you’re feeling pain in your soul, not knowing about the gratitude you’ll have for the people that hurt you most, or the people that never hurt you at all. As an old man I expect I will appreciate all these little things because it’s what I have to do.  Having an instinctual mind in the country of lights, no more difficult a task.  Like life makes death, like sand makes glass, like milk makes yougert, like wood makes paper, like corn makes maize, like ice makes water, like tree makes seed and seed makes tree, instinct makes you human.  Ben Franklin’s autobiography he goes through his whole life, all the different places he’s lived, all the printing, all the history, and he summed up the secret to success in five words, “Be master of your time.”

Now Ben’s not making sense. Be masters of our time? You just said…

You’re thinking how would instincts help you in the country of lights, yeah? I think it’s because humans are, “human all to human”. With wants; to be held, to feel a appreciated, to feel needed, to lust for, to be lusted for; and with Needs; books, to speak out, to connect, to cherish, to be cherished.  Instinct can’t give you these, it can’t give you anything, a mix between your ‘Reason in History’ and your interior motives- such as success, fame, content, etc..; will give you something different than instinct** will give you what you have to do, because instinct about technology is still evolution of the mind, which is the only thing real, if not everything else.  I don’t want to get Existentialist with you because of reasons that involve time and literature to reason around, but I will say this branch of philosophy makes it easy to follow your instinct.  It wipes clean the slate, nothing but what you can and nothing but what you can’t, I guess. I fail my philosophy class of existentialism, which is pretty funny if you think about it, and pretty existential.  But it is what I had to do to see the humor in life, to ‘laugh in the face of danger’ and see your reflection in the beasts’ teeth, it staring back at an old man carved out of wood, a Master of His Time. A humble master of his time.

Breal Nickleless


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