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March 14, 2012

What’s wrong with legalizing E?

            Legalizing E would mean all the drug companies that are giving money to fund new research on the top medicine for people over 80 would start to see declines in points, the dollars that were spent would not be leading to increasing returns anymore, sell sell sell, and a lot of people are out of money.  Forgetting all the moral qualms, it would be a political unknown.  The illiquidity of votes dealing with social security would be catastrophic to poll and survey result reliability, expensive campaigns would hold no weight for several years, put simply a whole demographic of ‘like-minded’ or in generation brain patterns with voting power would not be in the picture.  Eliminating votes for the people strategizing the public opinion, not good for lobby interests, and being against the obvious moral, ‘taking life away’ by not saving it, why wouldn’t it be immoral to keep people alive too?

            The church (people who are our public servants) disagree with the use of condoms but agree with the use of Viagra.  Would you say that is not remaining neutral? 

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