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Soo, why would it make sense for Republician Candidates to have MOON TALK 6 months ‘till election?

March 26, 2012


Don’t get me Wrong.  I think that the investment in the Space Program would be felt all over the world in different ripples, some bigger than others. There crowd killer temper foam bed mattress, and other infomercial hits.  Why would it make sense with six months –and counting–  ‘till election? 

Because it is very Democrat. This close to the finish line, or far away, I would suppose the campaigners want to convert any full time converts.  I ‘d think they realize that there is only enough time for part-time political types to hear this or read up on that.  I am thinking why Obama didn’t say space talk from the beginning, it’s a good investment that can be seen threwout America, then being able to hear the ‘updates from Mars’ playing on radios everyone would get a sense of Pride because of something like that.   That could be enough to get some people out the house to vote, but it’s really a day by day battle for most people whether they want to stay politically involved.  How structured these guys are you could miss the voting day after Pink Floyd Album and six white Russian girls.  I mean drinks.  They say today they mean it, let me tell you.  I’ve miss fifteen Senate elections and 15 more presidential ones.  Yep blame it on my favorite Pub, right up the street, “The Jailhouse” is what they call it, locals, you know.  So who would take the bait, good or bad it is just a part, of the traditionally Democrat claim to Fame.  It’s got to be the young people, again.  We seem to be the most willing and able to show up on rally days, because I would consider this a nonpartisian transfer of well-being. What I mean is that no one group is being effected but everyone, some more than others, will feel the ‘trickle-down’. Humerously, & REGAURDLESS in the short-term it is just a part at the end of the TV program.  If Obama could afford to do the same, say without being able to promise b/c they (‘new ruling party’) don’t know the programs that can’t go back.  So what now, I’m wondering the same I think… why can’t obama and democrate afford to talk about investing in the Space station?  IS it that other programs fill up the public threshold for allowing the spending of the public’s money.   

This post is starting so sounds very philosophical which should surprise.  But non the less why is something that needs to be mentioned sometime, for the sake of the ‘devils advocate’ in the world.  The people who asked why are, literally , why the world goes round. 
Without them to ask the question no answer would be able to suffice, bliss, in one sense of the world.  But once you pass the point where you have already asked why, no turning around again without setting up specific blocks, mentally.  It can be done, self psychosis, to tell yourself something enough that its as real as a sunflower seed in my hand.  I don’t know if it would grow if I put it in the ground, personally a disbeliever, can’t forget all the processing but still I don’t know. Maybe one day I will warsh one off and dig a hole out in the backyard.  I’ll look up all the necessary pre-rituals on Google, of course, and then I’ll wait. ‘Till then I can’t waste my time thinking about the bees and the trees, I suppose. Yeah, I’ll suppose on that one for no time at all because I don’t see the good in it.  Sun flower seeds one of the non partisians I guess, it helps no one specifically but everyone still feels the effect, that’s like the Space Program.  Hell I’d say Ideological cousins keeping the right ‘spins’ in mind,  that sounds democrate to me and now I’d imagine Republicians are trying to scrape together votes where ever they can. I mentions worries earlier that I’d expect them to encounter, getting enough people modivated enough on the big day, then ofcourse there is the implementing and manner in-which, but that is assuming the impossible, Obama falls to Space Program.  I will probably be lost in the rough rivers of alcoholic drinks and Netflix’s foriegn film collection, bliss like we talked about earlier, bliss in misunderstanding and no way to ask why, I suppose.

An old man with new tricks,



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