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Ted Poe who are you talking to?

March 26, 2012

I can’t tell.  It sounds like you’re talking to me but that’s only part of the time.  It started off all wrong, from the beginning the ‘high-chair’ silenced the senators say”quite your conversations this man deserves to be heard, too.” after still few more moments the room was down, and the floor was called onto Ted’s Attention.

In this room the public camera is positioned in the upper right hand corner of the room.

Ted is not talking to Senators and it would seem he doesn’t respect the formal infrastructure of the courts.  I am bittersweet about this for equally rightoues reasons:

1) that would only put off Senators. And in doing this increase the time and capapilities of litigation

2) But – to say what cannot be said – it could be his way to capitalize* on people’s emotions, so that ‘hopefully’ he can, untimatly, take repsonsibility into his hands, and remain in Office.

The ying and the yang, a spiritual man could say.  His track record of falling asleep on the job would already give him static with other cliqs in the highschool lunchroom, in the “yay and nays”. The only reason I said anything on him is because he shamed abstract thought and its use today, March 26, 2012, C-SPAN. It made me question motive and resolve, something that was not pure, meant to contaminate or convince, like I said the wrong reason to use art.  Someone in his position shouldn’t be able to use this style, expecially on the Hill, I feel like the olg guys will agree with me when I say something like, “Know your place, in time and the grand scheme, and have some respect for what other people have respect for.”

Again I have never seen this guy before, but his misuse of my Abstract was just contemptable, to me, atleast.  I may have said it before but I don’t see Republicans and Democracts, only emotion and public response.


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