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Multitasking on a whole new level, what your momma didn’t tell you.

April 2, 2012


Is it wrong to multitask? More are saying no, you can see it on blog websites and hanging picture frames everywhere, people are excelling more and more on a wide range of subjects.

With a combination of learning hemispheres these people are able to see the world, in detail, in real time, and to their own regard they are working if on a blog or on in the socio-public, so it is to their own discretion. This is where the real love for something is seen, when you don’t have to pay or be paid to get something done, and this is when trouble comes to the surface.

To most of my population multitasking is an art form, a mastry of sorts. You can be in one room doing something in another room, genious, and it has increasing returns when applied, cough, sorry, when mastered.  Nothing more simple could be so productive.  America has been built on overproduction, not in a bad way though at all, but we have always worked harder and longer than any other country in the world. Then at about a mid-life America decided that working hard wasn’t working out, so they decided to work smart but with the same cut-throat attitude that bleeds out of every generation.

In a short few hundred years we have managed to send a message around the world in less time than the sun can.  We made the telephone, the television, and the phone a television then some. Why would it surprise anyone that, that same continuous ripple wouldn’t be seen in academics? I’m talking about the ripple of ‘training’, the ‘implied general notary’, or the ‘attitude’ of the people towards the workers mentality.  Then when you put, or have the chance to show real passion, real love that you have for something, AND PEOPLE can talk to you ‘faster than the sun’, with the same passion, it is no wonder how things are looking today.  How would you say things are looking, with an optimistic brow?


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