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OBama crossed the Pope: This Time the Church Isn’t Forgiving: Context speaks volumes

April 10, 2012

Why Obama doesn’t want to be reelected

this is, I am afraid to admit, a conspiracy article.

Okay taking into consideration the political process, the deals that are made, the plans that must be executed to run-into-the-white-house, and how important the small font words and subtext in litigation are the only ones that seem to be important, I think Obama doesn’t want to be president for a second term and retirement sounds better than reelection.

What proof do I have on this, the healthcare system crossing the Pope.  Right now he is producing to make me believe that ‘individually’–as is defined by congress, as being, corporation funded institutions with the right to deny business– owned hospitals, all the ST. MARYS, AND ST. JOSEPH, all of those have a bigger than major problem with having the government paying for abortions.  This is a very bad time for the church as Online Columnist Mike Wolff mentions in his article, “Catholics aren’t Jews, they’re soviets”, the SCANDLE of

‘The priest, the priest, touched around the knees, How can I pray to be forgiven, if I tell my Mommy’

…of the child molestation that was in many regards a “GEM” for media-like business.  As Wolff puts it: It’s the priest sex story, the same one we’ve already done—and done. But now it’s popping up in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands, all markets which make the American news media yawn. But come on. The priest sex story is one of the best we’ve had. It’s one of the ones that the media of our time is going to be remembered for. It’s the ultimate destruction of facade; the giving of voice to silence; the catching of deer and hypocrites in the headlights. It’s our triumph.”  So this could be a big muscle in the America election for the Catholic Lobby, perhaps not for a financial gain, this time, but to (lets see) in their minds fulfill the rightful scales of balance on the world, tipping in their favor, coincidentally.    Why would the church’s foothold in the United States be an important, even pivotal place in the worldwide game of ‘influence’?  Luckily, this is a pre-stated conspiracy post or else this would never make sense. REALLY I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT. Well, I can only imagine that the faith aspect of the modern day catholic is key in America and maintain the status quo, in a sense that the numbers are already decreasing, we don’t want people to look somewhere else or think that we don’t have anything to stand for anymore, in regard to the public view,  So kill two birds with one stone.

This is taking into the thought that the consideration of the church fits into a public & political campaign in the ways that the church is comfortable with, and in a manner that the public is accepting of; if that has any real pull in public opinions, (if the number of catholics are voting anymore).  So if the church has any pull anymore in politics, they are goin’ to pull all the basics out of their chest.  This is the fight that Mohammad Ali fought against joining the draft, you know.  If it is against their (the owners, the ‘individual’) beliefs, they shouldn’t ‘have-to’ allow the government to pay for abortions.  So that, and the general body language, ageing process catalyst of presidency, and the need for a reason to write an opinion article, is why I think O’bama doesn’t want to be president for a second term, would you agree or disagree with me, why?


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