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Bluntly: Don’t Ban Cigarettes: The rest is a fog. EVERYTHING REVOLUTION

April 16, 2012

… to ‘go with the flow’ is as human as human as to oppose it, that humankind’s bewilderment before raw event is as characteristic as the will to impose order on it …

Another Rant : Cigarettes BANNED- Its a BIG Con.: what I’m worried about (white/m/22) 4/13/2012 Part One

Youtube (trademark Co.) insists I watched an ad or two between symphonies, this ‘public debt to be paid’ was saying that  there’s a bigger push for cigarettes being banned in public places, then something came to me, and a few things that are not table talk. But… First it’s important to mention that anything to get passed requires money, I feel like I’m beating the shit out of that drum, regardless. As G.W.’s Ad man so delicately explains, it to be the $24 million from Obama and the $5 million Bush’s people set aside for the campaign towards Latin Americans in the 08’ election is the deciding factor on loyalty. (ADWEEK bottom) An ironically funny thing to an existentialist-politically aware one, but it shouldn’t be to anyone else, really. Quickly a constricting feeling enveloping my face to a focal point at my nose in a confusion of frustration and bewilderment, this was a passenger to the ‘could be’ situation that I had pieced together.

How much money could be made off of a thing like this? Is it to ensure the next generation of consumers? Or would it be short-run (>1year) gain be from shifting progressions of markets into group atmosphere’s?  All the same giving cigarettes all the more power.  It would give people a reason to know what cigarettes are, ingraining the tobacco plant further into our society.  In the days of magic, Indians believed in spirits and before whitemans’ “Time”, giving a gift of tobacco was seen as a sign of respect.  An honorable exchange would be the elders, or shamen, getting a bag of tobacco in exchange for a childhood of memories and lessons. Therefore these are all basic questions that deserve complex answers! Damnit!

Damn it!

I’m getting a brain bubble thinking about the indians martyrdom. And in the name of what!  People don’t even vote anymore, there’s no one to vote for, if you don’t choose a side you’re supporting some ‘thing’, a force of energy, definitely, and no one can stand up for someone when they don’t trust the people backing them, I shall say.  The wind beneath their sails, persay. But that’s gone and done. No it’s back. Politicians have been bashing each other’s party for ages, now we have film and we watch the film, and it sucks.  Having it shoved in our face that TV killed the Radio President, and then again, and again.  It gets imperishable after a while.  The split in Obama could prove to be a fatal blow to American Democracy, I’m afraid to say. Level with me here, if people put all that pride into his “Change” campaign and they don’t understand the process of politics takes time and effort from both sides., the hill and the citizens (for simplicity, there is a difference inside the two classification to distinguish between a class-war).  (And stop cleshay advertising to the ‘colors’ with immigration information, they’re here let’s move on. A woman in the same video as the AD man for Bush was pretty clear about her distaste for blanket campaigning. I’d be insulted, if I wasn’t white I’d have something to bitch about, other than not having anything to be able to bitch about)  But think about the level of pride our society instills on its ‘subjects’ — were’re America God dammit!.  Almost absolute fail if the ‘pride’ was instilled in Obama as a cultural icon, then he doesn’t live up to the fuzzy ‘media confidence’ that often rocks the tight-rope walk of the 44th. 

Not related to the big cat directly, cigarette bans could be part of an overall trend.  As people need people for the votes, people need reasons to vote, or more directly people need reasons to invest in an interested party, lobby, helping out, throwing a fundraiser, if I can get Batman close with you, friend?  Likely not related to any of our lives, wink, we will assume that the state budget cuts really are as bad as I have heard, which I think they are, picture below, but I still don’t see much revenue from $25 tickets.  It would get people fingerprinted at a young age, most likely, I guess.  I don’t know about the government plan to have each of us ‘tagged’ or anything, Except I heard something about Marshall Law, where anyone can be detained indefinitely, then the 4th amendment crack about new technological advancements with virtually the same sized agencies as before.  Now what once took man-power, hours, labors, and danger can be done behind a desk or on a mobile.  I have seen some things that say the FBI should need warrants to break the 4th but right now locals can, I’d imagine.  I’d also Imagine this would amount to the police being less apt to do their jobs, the prisons would fill up but with the amount of time it would take to get a warrant drug prices would fall and sentencing would go up, no one wants to be soft on crime they all say, all because we have already grown comfortable in a world within the crack.  The cell phone thing is not the real issue right now, nor the abduction in your own home, rather smoking in public, which stinks.

How much air do you really need, is how I want to start off this paragraph but I know that turns many people off who are indifferent but also non-condemning so I instead begin the paragraph with a question, how is power attained in a modern industrial democracy?  Exactly, threw mention.  If no time is ever spent addressing cigarettes kids will build their own opinions based on experience and the pursuit of information.  Making it an actual offence builds to the persona, the fallacy, that is “cigarete bliss”, to a non smoker ambitious of the stress relieving success.  From a sign of respect to a stress relieving success, warped.

On the local scene, I think bars and restaurants, establishments in general will likely pick-up business due to people needing a place to attend a circle., worth it,? Not sure but on a broader view, it would be a quick reason to get stopped by the fuzz, it’d be a push away from smoking weed in public one day (with the non-distribution clause* in public), and in immeasurable increasing returns to holistic well-being, that include: the economic spark from the distributions, the public works ‘general funds’ — that pools money,a ‘tax’, from all the dispensaries in the area towards whatever the local community needs –, the feel good factor you get when things are happening around you. The revolution in the air, with smiling faces on the streets putting money back into their community. Taking pride in one’s surroundings is something every person deserves to experience and if the weed dream isn’t enough too do the do, the showing of political process in practice would be recorded, noted, and in a book to benefit people, forever, even if we don’t live to see it.  Shitty? No.


Damnit! Maybe. But smoking in public is low, guys. Not many people own their homes. The amount of angry people is increasing with crime and economic inequality, but the divorce rate is falling because no one wants to get married (except gays).  Immigration is the thing refilling the social pyramid, has been for a few years now, and it is still up for debate that congress in single minded with  only a 10th fraction of color occupying the white house, hill, etc … Meanwhile we have Supreme Court Judges that could be declared senile if an freelance doctor could get threw the army of lawyers, coincidentally doing all the actual work while still managing to not obtain power in opinion, only motive.  We know that the prison system’s integrity was compromised, but people still want someone elected who is tough on crime, and ‘The established’ just don’t want to be the one’s NOT tough on crime.  But thats good politics, optimistically speaking that’s the nicest way I can think about it.

This is a crazy time in American History and it hasn’t even been written yet. Can you feel the revolution in the air? For the whole world. We made it past segregation, to no help of history books, we will make it thru this and a smaller America will emerge the butterfly .  More compact is about right, and the soil will wreap our seeds, MJ I mean.  If people have a reason to want a community life, we will see it from changes on the community level,  and not from trendy legislature, but from state level communication and action by people.  If the colleges around major cities took action that would be loud enough make a splash, then we could change some of the blanket rules, and show the younger generation how to Democracy — like our parents parents did. The constitution is not set in stone and should change, actually it has changed, like 28 amendments I think.. food for thought.  I hope you enjoyed me servicing you, every last one of you. I know it felt food.


Although I don’t remember what the topic was 2 days ago when I wrote this.. and now it looks like I’m whineing.  But that’s the sacrafic of public information and amature reprepresentation, bluntly.





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