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The Next Woman President: First a woman, then a republician: Sherry Turkel

April 16, 2012

I’m remembering the quote, ” I share therefore I am” from a TED speech @ MIT from a driving women although I can’t remember her name. She was strong, bold in her passions, and driven by the caring emotion of a woman with the control and conscious of self and audience.  I would put her against any1 in the election after this upcoming, because I know I trust whatever she would stand for for the simplicity that I could see real passion in her.  Right there is enough to give me more inclination. I appreciate a women. Furthermore I appreciate an established, evolving, and informed option from one. 

This name-less mist gives the right what-have-you to get across that she is doing this because she can do it better than anyone else. Her poise in front of a few-hundred, reverent and polished, have you, MIT students, it still felt like she was moving the camera angle with her words, but the crowd was moving right along.  Nothing the ‘famous’ women in American society, the rolling stones or the bob Dylan, what have you, of the public/ pop/ political realms.  To many times does, I’m sorry to say this, the women resort to the dumb– playing the role of the dumb in politics only works for men.  She turns women’s’ intuition on its face with academic, in paper, academic, backing that people to believe.  Of course that’s the oldest drum in history sense Jesus Christ. But the newly tanned and stretched hide is Women in power, and being good at it.  The first of anything always has to worry about achieving then making a mistake and ‘messing things up’ for the others.  So selection is key and devotion is essential. 

I am foreign to her standing the shallow pools of political -isms, but by her protective coin and seemingly fearful view of the future that she dips conservative and dries of in the winds of social mobility and equality, a slightly more republican with conflicting views on human beings needs in societies. Just the warm heartedness that a controlled and enlightened, well-kept (you know what I’m talking about), and distinguished mother in her bubble, which happens to be paramount to the American way of life, in general.  But specifically she would have to grow blind to the criticisms, knowing the outside world is just job security she is already in her mental, cough, being a women of her age, 50+. 

I would be willing to be that her worst would be insignificant in the grand scheme of history. In the short she would likely be a way to bum rush the Democratic Party after Obama’s done with his likely-second-term, but long run she could put things in perspective.  If she is unflinching and unrelenting in her soft and stern way to the top the second term would be welcomed by non-partisans; 8 years of love can go a long way.  If she made it 2 years, looking over, caring for, sacrificing in the name of progress, there is no tell the good that would do. A generation of strong-will independents could change the direction of the world, and I think she would be the type to do it, so who is she? –Sherry Turkel.


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