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Mission Statement: Career and Life of the Prose

April 19, 2012

What are your goals for writing, publishing, and/or marketing a book?

I guess, with this book in particular, I want to give people a way to sympathize with the other side of the coin.  It can feel like I am the antagonist in a post-apocalypse zombie movie in the real world. With the politics and business world being so hidden and still similar to most other ‘livings’, or ‘hats’, so that’s what I made.  ZOA: Zombies Occupy America is a culturally relevant topic, marking the first world-wide protest, I think it could give people motive to vote and get involved when they see the view from the other side. Marketing I was thinking about making business cards with the internet barcodes printed on them, double-sided, with perforated edges in the middle to tear and give, because we all know person to person advertising is the gem of marketing.  Giving homeless people shirts to wear crossed my mind, along with going to local colleges, message boards, and different social networks.  Hopefully I can sell enough to get a book paid for and sponsored.  I haven’t heard anything like this, it’s a little underground.  I ultimately want to have a traveling article, or I could see a TV show with a running blog, and still do fiction on the side to be released when I die, or as need be. But really I just want to think and share my thoughts with people, with some show-men’s-ship. 

What are your greatest fears about writing, publishing, and/or marketing a book?

I haven’t had the pleasure

What is the ideal outcome for marketing a book (be specific about your timeline and any metrics you want to hit):

Like I said, I want to get enough street credit to be noticed by a publishing company. Optimistically, I would prefer to be done with this book by the election in the fall.  All the personal selling at least, by then I plan to have a new project going and selling a few here and there to blog jumpers and friends of friends’ friends. Ideal outcome, this is my first book and a good start to a long hard writers walk to the otherside, hopefully I can meet people along the way with similar ambitions and passions.  The business of writing has growing into a scrappy industry in the Technology Age so hopefully enlightenment will happen that-much quicker.

Top three questions you have about writing, publishing, and/or marketing a book?:

Is good grammar necessary, and or, do you see a market in books for non-readers, a punk rock rebellion in literature, “because we can”?

Dose it pay off in self-promotion to level with people, telling the ‘actual story’ behind the story, compared to telling the ‘literary plot’? (‘just a hat’-vs- imagination)

Do you see a number scheme in prose writing that can be recorded, then taking that knowledge of how to record rhythm patterns and apply it to musical rhythm, then make a new rhyme-pattern that would target specific musical styles, making the process of finding something you like easier, and also opening up a new school of prose for all the trendy hipsters, intellectual types, and literary critics, alike?





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