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4:30am Mitt talks with Republican country club…

April 24, 2012

“A strong American army is the closest thing to peace this world has ever known.” –Mitt Romney

Mitt you’re going down.  You bash Obama saying that he wants this big government and to use wind and solar power, THEN turn around and say that you’re plan for the military is to build more ships for the navy, more air planes, then he has the audacity to say that he believes that wind and solar power are far from being ‘economic’, “sometimes… I’m convinced that they  [epa] put some of these standards in place to drive us (echo), some of these sources, out of business.”

A man addresses that corn fuel burns quicker than regular gasoline.

What are you talking about, bud? You think that the regulations have been put in place to keep resources out of business.  Would that imply that some, few, exceptional, businesses that are big enough to make it have out grown the system?  I took a class on environmental studies and I remember something about ‘fines being to small’. If Mitt considers himself one of them he would protect his own. They are playing the numbers, a bet, no one likes this game.

On the rewatch I hear that him say small banks are anti-business. He’s done.

“Are we going to remain the shining city on the hill?” FINISHED


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