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4th Amendment: A big part of everything

April 24, 2012

If I were going to make a computer program to watch text on the internet this is how I would do it:

1st: I’d make a list of trigger words, i.e., Top ten for key things, to see how many people were talking about weed,

Look at the overall amount of signals coming in from the satellite, or however they get there, that’s why we’re here, but every message is saved for billing purposes* so I know this can happen. So you put a filter on that triggers when you send [marijuana, pot, weed, green machine, bluegrass, bowl filler, happy-grass, leftys, H] and overtime the ticks would add up, then you would have 2 folders [sell, buy] inside another folder [marijuana] which is inside of another folder [ILLEGAL].

Judging on how much funding you had for the possible back lash, and the degree of  infraction, you could make a program to look at the overall folders, you could take the ‘most’ of [weed], put those into a folder. If you broke them down by region or county you would see little ‘pimples’ in stats from the dealers taking every ‘tick’ that’s sent.   Someone with knowledge on how much it costs to, say, shovel um in or keep um’ for a while, in respect to shelf-time for breaking the law could go to a math guy and figure the area of town to patrol in to get the best results for your dollar*. (geographic profiling?)

Is this a break in the 4th Amendment?


side note: Freakonomics (trademark, Co) studied prostitution in an urban city and it was proven that prostitutes were better with pimps because during the, however long study I don’t want to lie but, this is a breezy mood, so the study showed that if they didn’t want the prostitution to go down cops would do better arresting the customers. SideNote: b/c arresting the pro’s makes the price go up, and/or get a pimp, but the demand increases.

ON WEED: Why would I say that it says that if you should be more strict on the consumer, I am a [weed] folder member?  Because I think that the, in Louisville at least, near decriminalization but it still being illegal move by law-men was a low blow on the ‘underground economy’ and the people are feeling the brute of it. The prices are as low as they are because the home growers are good at what they do, ups, but the law makes the business open to more people smoking.

If the cops wanted to help the people by having marijuana illegal they would have to punish the people until no matter how low the price got people don’t want to sell it or buy it.  We should use our research and if enough people think a certain way it will settle itself out.

Suspenseful question: Are we being drugged to forget the noose is tightening?


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