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Big Brother Nicolas: Side 1: Good: Storytime

April 26, 2012


Alright it started out at a family dinner. The room looked great, dim lit, and full of voice. I came in late because I had been caught in traffic from rush hour. I give hugs around the table, Dad first, then grandpa and grandma, then grandma steel who is approaching 95. She’s great around us, when she’s at her home she is a bitter-bitter old woman. I love her, she says that my hugs go through ‘er and I like the 10 minute back rubs while my leg cramps from leaning down into her chair.

We are together today because we’re celebrating my younger sister on from my Dad’s 2nd, no third marriage, Sara. She is actually my cousin, but that’s a story for a different day. I finish my rounds, Sam and her fiancé, and Gerad then Stacy. I feel like a good big brother, this is why:

Sara: Hey Brad, I love you, you’re the best brother, ever.

Me:I know, I know. you’re cool, too.

yada yada

We start talking about her, I like chatting her up, I guess she’s the middle child with a speech impediment so she’s go a soft spot. I am proud of my family, we got more raw talent than any other group of people I know, grant-it i have 5 families, What’s nice about this one because I was the role model, even after my 5 arrests, smoking habits, wrinkled clothes, and genuine lack of interest in the “sun” world she occupies now, we can still connect enough for me to give to a life lesson.

Sara: Yeah, I want to get my belly button pierced But your Dad won’t let me.

I look down the table and Dad leans back in his chair, “Damn right.”

Sara shrugs.

Me: Dad was like that when Nicki was growing up, if you got it pierced you would feel like you had to show it off, Dad’s just looking out for you. Don’t hold it against him.

Sara: But all my friends have one and its better than a tattoo.

Brad: Well they make tattoos that come off in a few years now.

Dad coughs.

So we go on talking, I didn’t notice that Dad’s eyes hadn’t left me, not a sexual thing, purely platonic. But we keep talking, about her boyfriends, her field hockey teammates, her coach who — actually a cousin on my Step-Dad’s side –, her money situation, everything. The food came.

Fish tacos for me which was an appetizer and I’m an idiot, salad for her, a shrimp mush thing for grandma Steele, Grandma and grandpa split a burger and fries with a slice of cheese cake, Dad got a meatloaf sandwich that I got half of, Sam got a salad because her Wedding is in August– Vegas, Baby–, Gerad got a grilled chicken sangwich I think, and I’m not sure what Brian or Stacy ordered.  But it is a good meal at the Nicolas table.

We shout out some politics then stop because my Dad has to side with me and my grandparents, who let me talk all my revolution, the abortions, the non-partisan, the anti-establishment, the agnostic, and anything else because it is a conversation, nothing more. Sometimes I think people want to see you be you, I don’t know it sounds kinda cray.

Now the presents are unfolding. She gets clothes, jeans, small ones. Which I’m cool with, she’s young, you know, and who reallly cares.  Sam and he gave each other facials before dinner and I got to look at her innocent little face, the picture of a bunny and a kitten tied up with a pink bow, tell me how a facial feels in front of the whole family. I almost couldn’t hold it together, ha, that’s good stuff. Anyways…

We’re waiting for dessert. She tells me about how her boyfriend broke up with her, how they are in the same clique, how he wants her back after a text message break-up; high school shit, really. But i enjoy reliving it, so I am interested, genuinely. 

Me: As long as he treats you good. And you got a lot of living, don’t waste time on someone who wastes you’re time. He’s got to treat you well.

I say something like, “Don’t judge yourself the way other people do, you’re no one else. You’re beautiful.”

The waiter comes back, gives us the dessert, and after another round of hugs we’re gone. Good-by cheese cake factory, hello Lexington, hello road.


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