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Lets get into it: Curtural blending

April 28, 2012

A revolution without dance is a revolution not worth having

Coming from a big family as many of you might know I consider myself lucky.  At Christmas time between the driving here, opening presents now, the pleasantries and the absentees, I dance.  My Grandmother on my Mom’s side, second marriage, is from a small island off the coast of Japan where bull brings the postage and our family owns the bar.

After coming over to the states in the mid-fifties she almost immediately lost most of her culture and heritage out of protection of her kids, became a lunch lady at their school and began talking only English.  She didn’t want her Japan to rub off on the kids knowing the trouble that comes with being different.  She can still speak some Japanese. The kids don’t have an accent but still the skin pigment’s there, their kids just have a nice tan year round, mostly. BUT one thing that carried over is the dance.

Hula is the name of the game. And once a year we get to cut it up.  She is better than any of us are, bells and shinny attire she moves the room every year. She moves in the music, not with, or on.  She is the heart beat, the dance is her soul.

A revolution without dance is a revolution not worth having.


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