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Free Speech: Louisville/ Lexington: Running Into The Future

April 30, 2012

When it happens it will be fast, be done, and feel like nothing, until, you see, then we will have made history.

We will be living history. Imagine, we are the ones that stood up first. We will dam the bad until it can’t help but flow over.  The questions, the pictures, the physics of what we would do are endless.  Knowing what we would from this, knowing that everyone across the country knows the same things, and knowing that people are getting involved would invoke more energy from everyone.

The competition between the OCCUPY movement, for college student and any1 who wants to come along.  The streets will shake, the earth with quack, and the laws will be fixed to save others like us from the break.  This is a way for everyone who participates to win, and win for everyone who can’t. It’s probably a little early to be talking out of turn but only by a few weeks.

Ghandi said, “I will not be a part of a war protest, but a peace protest I will.” This will take the very least amount of discipline possible but it will be enough to put pride on.  We will fill a void in history that hasn’t been made yet, the signs are all pointing to this being the best way I have found.  If the ideas are in pop culture then they are in the subconscious of every one exposed and we will be the confidence people needed to act on these impulses. 

What it would be about is information. The spark that will bring America back to its rightful spot will also be the one that lets people claim their rightful place.  We deserve the right to prove ourselves as people who can do what we were born to do.  A democracy is a privilege and a right, with consequences all the same. Good or bad is not up for us to decide because the effect will be a reality for the people who will call us ancestors.  No one is able to control people unless they do. 

Be certain.

This change in lifestyle will only be seen on the local level, it will be seen at first in a harsh rash but then in a strong immune system.  The body will be stronger. With less blood going to the head means a better chance of equal health for the whole, which would be seen ten-fold around every corner.

This would give technology a new place in media and public relations.  The interlinking among countries at a state-wide level; can you imagine? Do you want to hear my idea?


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