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The Plan: The Game: The Equalizer

May 4, 2012

Day 1

There is a time and place for Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky. 

If something is gunna’ happen that would have a real chance of making history, and in making history I am implying making it better, we should do it right now.  The Presidential election is really heating up, not like the usual election junk, this is a new kind. Right now, Mitt is openly advertising to select Americans, while Obama is stepping on his own words because he doesn’t want to be accused of playing the odds as a black man, which I think its pretty obvious that he did.

Some people would be upset that he came up with a plan good enough to trick the nation into presidency, but really, isn’t that any one.  Besides I think he’s doing what he can.  He is no shining light but you can’t afford to be in Washington, it pays to not stand out I’d say. 

They way it seems to me is that everyone in office right now has their hands tied.  In order to get into the position that they desired, they had to shake some hands and make some allies. For better or worse these ties come with strings. That’s why we need to do this. And we need to be happy about it.

History is only made when it needs to be, there is a certain type of people that make history, those people are may not be us, but I will be damned if I’m not going to try, especially when I see a way to use the newest tool, the web.

All I want to do is organize a rally for information with a few hundred people, and hope that we will give enough notice to the news channels around town to get some national coverage.  If multiple colleges could assemble groups of people this big, to do this, and do it quick enough, we could make it the first multi-location protest in history.  This is the game

  1. 1.       “A politician uses the truth to tell lies, an artist uses lies to tell the truth”
    1. a.       Symmetry. I will do a [3,2,1,2,3], [1,2,2,1], [1,2,1,2,1], [1,2,1,2,4,4] usually.
    2. b.      Use music, pictures, quotes, anything with backing, or at least relevance to your whole picture.
    3. c.       My next pictures that I was going to paint, persay, were: (1)No kid should have old books (2)Marijuana wasn’t legalized (in CA) because of beer company lobbying (3)Women’s Rights Body Movement (4th amendment) (4) Old Senate (5)White HILL (6) Competition between movements unlike 1970s movement combinations (7) Delay of Democracy

Day 2


Changing from the outside (delay of democracy)

My whole life, all 7 months of it I have been told that if I want to change the system I need to do it from the inside. My Dad, Professors, grandparents, they all think that the only way to make an actual change is from the inside. This is very wrong to me, to me, the people who are uninvolved and out of the loop are the ones that need to be heard, even if they don’t know what they are saying.

This past week I have been thinking of how I can put this idea across to people so that what I have done in the past, good or bad, no matter, has no actual weight on the decision to be a part of this.  I haven’t found anything yet. But I found something in a friend.

I have been trying to paint, or portray, certain pictures that I hear about on TV or radio or class or a book or blogs.  I talked about this earlier but what I can’t ever see is how people react, how they really react.  For example, I disproved race and encouraged empathy by playing a song [superstar-lupe fiasco], writing a blog, playing a song [pharcyde- I’m the nigga], putting a link for anthropology website [humans vary 6%], typed the word rewind [to address the ego that I have been representing [cocky, loud, nasty] in a hope that the one verse would over power the another [and say we are the niggas and were in charge], & some ppl got it] but then I finished it with “1:43” above a song [close edge ft. Dave Chappelle, “We all here” the line, and 1:43 the old school “I love you”, kind-of a joke, hey, I laughed], Then I put a picture of an ‘all black’ basketball team to show the unity and in cahoots with the ‘picture’ the day before and an ongoing theme that “We own the world, and are suppost to control our democracy.”  [1,2,1,2,4,0,4,0]-rhyme scheme

Now to me I killed that! No way I could have done that better [I even got to talk about my family and show how proud I am of us.] THEN today (a few days later) a friend posted something about real vs fake self and it clicked…

What clicked, who’s to say? I feel better though. I get so bogged down with stress sometimes that I forget the reason I do anything. What’s that, who’s to say? 


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