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Love, love, love. What is Love? — A Movement, an explaination.

May 8, 2012

“You say love the way it best fits you,

You love the floor you only have to,

You love the air you only walk threw,

You love the water you only come to,

You love the people you only part to,

You love the fire that doesn’t burn you,

You love the knowledge that doesn’t turn you,

You feel the feelings that wouldn’t push you

to feel for water that someone else would push threw.

If you want to prove your love for the people that will never thank you,

Stand up and be fine with yourself, you’re young, and awake too.


I don’t want to lose any friends… and I am completely open to any other ideas. But we have to do something, fin.


I had to do a quick draft because you can’t see what’s going on in the background.  I want to plan a march for information, above party lines, social classes, or economic/ social inequality. This will be a website, & t-shirts will be the marketing, assembly will be the publicity, information will be the cause, technology will be the edge, and peace will be the means.  These t-shirts will have a website on them that has ‘things’ separated by genre of music, inside these will be “pictures” as I described in my blog, “The Plan. The Game. The equalizer.” Every generation deserves the right to protest, that s fact. We can be the first ones to use the internet WITH general assembly. I’ll try to get ahold of the clubs here at UK but there is only like 6 people ineach and even with 100 clubs not all those people are going to show up, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO DO THIS. 

 AND I know my stuff hits, my dad cried on the phone after reading my book, you think that makes me feel good?  We have to do something about the politics, I not fucking with you.  It was never a family book, but he still took it to heart, I have to deal with that & that’s fine.



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