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Philosophy on the Big L

May 18, 2012

Love’s the Topic: Capitalized

“I will kill”

A phrase I like to use interchangeable with Love, an enveloping want to Know.

Philosophy sense the beginning of time, when monks and select had the access to litature, has been trying to Know.  The ‘K’ – Capital–, in Knowing leads to Love, I’d say. And due to the fact that divorce rates are falling because it is relative to the people getting married it is worth getting into.  How you get to there?—Philosophy. Growing up can be tough when you have everything sex grabbing your attention. You can slip into a rut where you seek Love but love is left on the sheets. Not saying don’t have it or that it has to a forever thing. I am saying do some soul picking before you jump in and skip fore play.  “What turns you on?”

has been seen to many times in the movies for anyone to take swallow, in our search for meaning we are in the growing pains right now—between religion and internal enlightenment for free and cheep. We don’t trust the people reading the bible enough to read it ourselves and there is no way to read all the things on the internet, give us 50 and we will have thought our way out of needing emotional roller coasters; humanity that is.

That’s what I was thinking.  Was it Hegel or Plato that discusses ‘What does it mean to be pious?’ No, Socrates.  Socrates was on trial for the crime of heresy, punishable by death when in his defense he asked the assembly of sophists ‘What is Piety’. Of course, the Athenian democracy was a fistful at this time in Greek history it was particularly bad.  He is the father western philosophy, the rootless tree in the churning soils of time, the Muhammad Ali if said the earth and the sun rotated around him and people empathized..  You can hear the stress in my keys. He was black before black was in style.

Point. [Cough]

So how can he get the best definition of how-to peruse “Knowing” something, thru being a pious person, and really Love? I think about it a lot, too. And ma’am, I think I got some thing for ya’.


First, it is important to me that you follow this one rule. It is a simple one but if over looked or underdeveloped would be noxious. And because this rule here is that important, to me, for you, to be– a Reader—I’m going to keep it cool for ya’.

You have to develop your own definition of what it means to be pious, and to do that you need to really prioritize, I think, our ethical and moral compasses in a manner that is right for you. But I can’t help but mention compassion for people, in time and place. If you want to know your time in place I say read -around- you, figure out how your neighbors feel about you and use that as a self-reflection of your picture, BUT ONLY FOR GOOD. [ In your mind: you need to THEN look into how to view yourself as a beautiful person, people do it, have faith if it had been lost. Look at different religions, get an equalizer, and try the “best of”; if that’s what you prefer. Religion is just what has worked for people threw out time, not Time.  If you do think your Beautiful, one could think,{side note when I say I its really one, I can’t keep up with the changes either} that you would try to Love yourself, but where religion sometimes has the draw backs of guilt and perseverance [sorry ‘happy’ couples, it’s time for a talk] having a physical relation between Yourself is when you ask the questions of yourself that[as it turns out], the answers are better for everyone.  from the equalized mind,–I say—would give you real perspective on what it means to feel Good vs good, then you could start to look for some motivation to look into your life [For example, some people just aren’t meant to work out, nothing wrong with that, who are we to judge.  You could be a vegetarian, here-say its a flush-clean lifestyle. Thought about it. I realized I don’t eat much anyways, smoke a little tea but besides that, nahh… not enough to say canri, omni, or anything else.] Need all the calories I can at this point in my adult life, but it comes in different servings.  We are still hung up with loving that we never let the love in… damn that’s Of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.

… let me read this again.

So we are trying to Love thru… appreciation? Dedication? Loyalty?, One asks.

Shouldn’t those be the bonus’s, I ask?

Yeah, I think so too. It is part of Knowing and the covenant that your Body [mind and body] formed at birth–You don’t have to love your self but yourself will always–, speculated.  I think what one’ll find is that it will make you feel, but attachment to feeling doesn’t seem like the right way to describe it, not these days. These days, the trouble with talking about feelings is talking about feelings, I’m afraid.  You’re told how you’re mind works before you know it’s even working by the Bad [racism, prejudices, the like] so one would grow up limiting their community primarily based on fear of not being accepted, by yourself [as a writer, cough]. But I think Development is the one part of Love then. The never give up aspect, perpetual motion, if you are going to fall have it be from a steady swag.

The agreement that each other feel from a ceremony, Marriage is a union, but a ceremony and an event more-so something for the community , but first a symbol to give meaning and mark day one. I think that is what the Queer want, a majority anyways.  Not the paperwork and kick backs from the government– that is no doubt a big part of why [and the polities of politics, just like controlling the money supply I think it is a bet on what bad laws the people will get mad enough about to change], one thinks.  But for those who can, a wedding is just a day in life of walking down the eilse, but with the black box at the end where the button with a sign above it, “press this down and die”, and all but plastic to plastic can be seen as the chemicals release into your brain putting you in a utopic state called death.

SO CHILL OUT. Trying is Love [capitalized]

This is some soulful shit. You’ve been pleasured.


Your waitresses


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