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Summer Storms: Come 2gather

May 21, 2012

Why would it be bad, persay, for mass assemblies to happen fast and disperse quickly without trouble, persay?

Well for one it would be an end to the short term ends, if you know what I’m saying, for politicians and double dippers alike.  It would put the things that are maybe sidelined, or spun, in news on the front page and having that ability would make politicians play the game differently, I suspect. I mentioned earlier in my blog, “Sword< Pen<Keyboard”, that the internet would make real-time decisions accessible for things like this—democracy.  I am not one to brag but…

I’ll try to make this brief, I know you got thangs to do…

So give me a couple minutes, small amount of time, we can make it if we try.

I think we should do these summer-storms because it is killing the problem by eliminating the business aspect of decision making, that is often swayed by the all mighty doller. I can sympathize, for those who don’t have a sworn oath, to the people and all that.  I’m not the loquacious type but I can find enough to say that. 

Bring the rain.

We need rows of ten “7 miles long”, shoulder to shoulder, heel to heel, ants marching, “Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici”. Translated as “By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe.” –Certainly something to shoot for.   One can’t tell anyone what to do, this is day one “inception” stuff right here. But one philosopher had a theory that went something like, ‘Everyone Knows but you just remember’, if that makes sense… it has lead me to an advancement in this thinking, “Enlightenment sounds the same after a while”—keeping Time and Place constant. [economist thing]

Or at least it makes sense that it could.

Within a non parallel realm, “The only thing I know is that I know nothing”—Socrates.  Facts can’t be included into this justification of Light.

How many people will hear this message I don’t Know.  How many do we need, how many you got?  I am young so I still think that politicians can have some good in them. It might be bad for business, persay, but what’s delivery anyway?


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