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It’s in your hands.

May 25, 2012


All this love in the air I can’t do another Heat.  Instead I’ll try to finish this post before I finish my drink, rum and sprite, and I’ll tell you the songs that I’m listening to just to give you a open window.

[Rebel Within- Hank Williams III]

Living in the south there isn’t much that you see, or there not much that you don’t see. The city goers from the real big cities come here to sloooow down while the country bumps come here to live it up. Life is truly beautiful, here.

[Mason Jennings- Fighter Girl]

Golden people living golden lives. “People walk without touching the ground” here and it is seen in the windows, clean as a house on Richmond Rd.  Smiles line the sky with light when the sun isn’t enough and hands would be feet if someone were to fall down.  People with people is a beautiful thing to see and something else to be apart of. 

Moving with the wind at my back and the rocks in my shoes we can see the rain washing away dirt from everything it passes.  A bird lay still in the street, but yesterday it was alive in the air, that’s what these people remember—the flight.  Push, pull, if that bird were moving it had already be gone, so it lye in the street waiting for someone to see if it wants to fly, dead or alive it’s hard to say.

In between the sips and songs the water sound of air in my drum pleases the core of me. Not for many but the wind does this happen, but I’ll wait till it happens again. That warm is hotter than any valley humidity or Arizona sun and colder than I’ll ever claim to be.  The grass is only greener the deeper you get into this land and if you need a hand give me a call or holler, 346 Aylesford is where I’ll be, front porch and center.

Feel the cool chill run down my back, RUM baby run, “that’s why we do it”—Bill Murry.

I have to apologies if you are wanting me to Hulk smash someone. That’s what I call business. [Don’t take it personal if it happens to you and don’t take it personal if I don’t Hulk smash you either, yu know who you are, “TV personalities”.

Touch your pinky to your ring then place under thumb bent over, separate two, and hold up hands in the air.

Bottoms up, Focker out,



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