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Senate Sessions: Last year: War, still?: supersonic cries for help

May 31, 2012

Here’s the deal. I wasn’t making a blog, this is more of a transcript. But the first 1/2 is on the you tube comments.

2/2 is senate attendance, non-partisian democracy.

1:00:00 [SEN. TOM COBURN] R-OK This guy is from Oklahoma, wasn’t the first guy from there ‘pro-afganistan’—ha ha on the record, no but really—and he states that his state alone borrows 4.3 B with 2.8 B /day.  Then he agrues that the difficult political consequences shouldn’t deture. This is a cry for help, non-partisian I’d say. He is fighting for senate attendance. This guy has a river of sweat leaking from his strings, SOMEONE THROW SENATE A LIFESAVER.  (He mentions a healthy lifestyle with mention of medicine, but not dependence: 1:00:05). Then he starts talking about medicare…  … then comes back to senate attendance, lack of real problems being dicsusses, “how can we look good as media plays the game on politics?” BOOM.


This just turned into a blog.

This right here is everything I have been saying, no offense, but we need to literally take the business slack out of the democratic process thru assembly, we eliminate THE ABILITY Too.  That is nice to see.  I mean these are just regular guys, needed money, took ties, and everyone else did too but the ties are all the same, the money comes from the same place.  We are on a downward, infinite, illusion stair way, as democracy stands right now.  These guys just don’t know it, or are tied to the bed.

[1:18:50]  basically, anyone that would put their name on the line about medicare, non-abrasivly, is serious. If they use fear, it is about the next election. [1:21:13]…wait, what just happened. I think he might have just crack the egg, “people think someone else is paying the bill”.

This is a lot to take in. It sounds like a republican being a democrate, buut on paper it is unsuspecting.

non-partisian cry for help


This is one of many very weird days in the Hill. It looks like we want to stay loyal to our word and defend nation principles in Israel, deeming it worthy under God’s protection.  That is irronious.  We claim to be fighting a undefinable mob of hired gangsters without code or lines, AND the next guy talks about debt loans and intrest rates along side senate non-attendance and media light for change. The only honest one I felt, that wasn’t talking to the camera like its just another day, lying about his heart for the close friend that he forgot his name, or a little under qualified in one area and over qualified in the baby delivery area, the cheerful non-white woman that I can’t remember her name. That is really a shame how time is money.


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  1. What do you all think?

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