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Mitt’s kochs are too big to be in a functioning democracy

June 19, 2012

Where do the Koch’s get off?

Who’s the bigger Koch?

Why would one Koch be better than the other?

How many Kochs make a Billion?

Billionaire Brothers, Charlie and Davie, Chuck and Dave, are the second highest earning family in the US, they produce 10% of the air pollution from arisol from a Nitrogen plant, give millions of dollars to lobby in a public effort to shape.  They produce everything from household paper products [Brawney, toiletries] and were the first to discover a new way to extract or do something to make gasoline.  The reading is retrievable but, well.

Their roots stem from the John Birch Society against communism [see Bob Dylan- Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues] thanks for the honks if those were directed here.

Oh betsy Ross.

So these guys [C&D] been given awards for their steps in the environmental fight while producing 10%  emissions, they own big-big shares of the biggest industries; cattle ranches, oil refineries, paper, chemicals.  They have their hands in think tanks ranging across liberal to conservative, demonstrating neo-liberal principles of the tea party, I tried not to name drop, but.

So why would having all the money, the power, the information, the leverage, and the backing be bad in the hands of people who have a plan for our country, or atleast a little one sided?  [Mitt Romney’s billion dollar question]



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