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2 Billion dollars: What would you do?

July 19, 2012

Did you know you an anonymously wire millions of dollars into someones bank account?

Yep, there are computer hackers out there that are so good they will take pennies off accounts, over time it builds up into thousands then you get the picture.  If you have 217ish million people in a country like the united states more than, well lets see our population pyramid is the shape of a rounded diamond, with the widest part [the baby boomers] moving at a good rate to the top, so lets say that is a 100 million for them then gen-X is probably sitting at around 50-70 million gen-Y probably a little less. So lets take 50 million, with love, off of the number of people in the states and say that they will not have a bank account. If you could take $15 dollars from everyone else, one-time only, you would have 2 Billion and change, that’s some real money. What 10 then would I do with 2 Billion dollars?

1)      Give water to a tribe in Africa

2)      Build a community shelter and co-op center in slums outside cities in India, because I went there, yes, but its more than that.

3)      I would give to this Harlem school for underprivileged kids that I heard about on the television; this school has a 97% rate of student going to college and I’m not saying college is the right thing to do but that is pretty ashonishing.

4)      I put money into research of even fund, by myself, a research institute to help with the deforestation around the world because it is tearing the the ecosystems and turning lavish-rich land into desert.

5)      I would buy the nameless-crew a warehouse in Louisville to be an operation hub. [They got the Louisville art scene working]

6)      I would maybe open up a few warehouses across the country for the homeless and drifters.

7)      I would like to give to think-tanks and other political aimed associations; Independent Institute is the only one I can think of.

8)      Start a money lending business, give people a chance to rent or own space-4-rent to open a business. [Small business would be the smartest thing for me to do and it would be the best thing for the renters because I wouldn’t need to make money off you]

9)   Start a local free art school, classes, showings, the whole deal.

10)   Fund a travelling program for American’s to see the world.

If you had 2 Billion dollars how would you spend it?


P.S.:  Also if you know any other good think tanks let me know because I am a strong believer in looking into all the rhelms of politics to make an informed decision, conservative, anarchist, socialist, fascist, communism, liberalism, did I leave anything out?


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