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Real actors read Yelp reviews (Video)


PopSpotsNYC Gives Classic Album Covers a Modern Twist

2 Billion dollars: What would you do?

Did you know you an anonymously wire millions of dollars into someones bank account?

Yep, there are computer hackers out there that are so good they will take pennies off accounts, over time it builds up into thousands then you get the picture.  If you have 217ish million people in a country like the united states more than, well lets see our population pyramid is the shape of a rounded diamond, with the widest part [the baby boomers] moving at a good rate to the top, so lets say that is a 100 million for them then gen-X is probably sitting at around 50-70 million gen-Y probably a little less. So lets take 50 million, with love, off of the number of people in the states and say that they will not have a bank account. If you could take $15 dollars from everyone else, one-time only, you would have 2 Billion and change, that’s some real money. What 10 then would I do with 2 Billion dollars?

1)      Give water to a tribe in Africa

2)      Build a community shelter and co-op center in slums outside cities in India, because I went there, yes, but its more than that.

3)      I would give to this Harlem school for underprivileged kids that I heard about on the television; this school has a 97% rate of student going to college and I’m not saying college is the right thing to do but that is pretty ashonishing.

4)      I put money into research of even fund, by myself, a research institute to help with the deforestation around the world because it is tearing the the ecosystems and turning lavish-rich land into desert.

5)      I would buy the nameless-crew a warehouse in Louisville to be an operation hub. [They got the Louisville art scene working]

6)      I would maybe open up a few warehouses across the country for the homeless and drifters.

7)      I would like to give to think-tanks and other political aimed associations; Independent Institute is the only one I can think of.

8)      Start a money lending business, give people a chance to rent or own space-4-rent to open a business. [Small business would be the smartest thing for me to do and it would be the best thing for the renters because I wouldn’t need to make money off you]

9)   Start a local free art school, classes, showings, the whole deal.

10)   Fund a travelling program for American’s to see the world.

If you had 2 Billion dollars how would you spend it?


P.S.:  Also if you know any other good think tanks let me know because I am a strong believer in looking into all the rhelms of politics to make an informed decision, conservative, anarchist, socialist, fascist, communism, liberalism, did I leave anything out?

Lewis Carroll on descriptions

1001 Children's Books

When you are describing,
A shape, or sound, or tint;
Don’t state the matter plainly,
But put it in a hint;
And learn to look at all things,
With a sort of mental squint.

~Lewis Carroll

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Mitt’s kochs are too big to be in a functioning democracy

Where do the Koch’s get off?

Who’s the bigger Koch?

Why would one Koch be better than the other?

How many Kochs make a Billion?

Billionaire Brothers, Charlie and Davie, Chuck and Dave, are the second highest earning family in the US, they produce 10% of the air pollution from arisol from a Nitrogen plant, give millions of dollars to lobby in a public effort to shape.  They produce everything from household paper products [Brawney, toiletries] and were the first to discover a new way to extract or do something to make gasoline.  The reading is retrievable but, well.

Their roots stem from the John Birch Society against communism [see Bob Dylan- Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues] thanks for the honks if those were directed here.

Oh betsy Ross.

So these guys [C&D] been given awards for their steps in the environmental fight while producing 10%  emissions, they own big-big shares of the biggest industries; cattle ranches, oil refineries, paper, chemicals.  They have their hands in think tanks ranging across liberal to conservative, demonstrating neo-liberal principles of the tea party, I tried not to name drop, but.

So why would having all the money, the power, the information, the leverage, and the backing be bad in the hands of people who have a plan for our country, or atleast a little one sided?  [Mitt Romney’s billion dollar question]


Great article thought you’d enjoy

Notes On Liberty

It’s national election season again. As always happens in this season, in every developed country, the old battle horse of national competitiveness gets a new coat of shiny paint and is led out by its sparkle-strewn tether to support politicians misconceptions and mis-talks. There is a very widespread misconception that nourishes unreasonable thoughts and false notions on the economy.

Sorry but at this time, in this season, I feel a compulsion to resort to teaching, so, pay attention. There might be a quiz.

The misconception: Countries, (or “nation-states”) such as the US, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, or France don’t compete with each other like soccer teams, for example, compete against each other. In soccer, when one team wins a point, the other team loses a point. When the economy of one country picks up speed however, it is not (NOT) the case that the economy of another country (or of several…

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bacon, Weight of America, and Democracy: Rules for vs. Rules on


Thinking into the weight of America and how our lives are molded I can’t help but wonder, why so much bacon? 

I don’t want to show you pictures of farms, or tell you about the really, sick things that happen to make cows more apt at producing meat.  Not today, or ever from me. I still think the commercials with those little kids with big eyes that ask for money do more damage than good.  I think they may get money but they actually just allow people to become accustom to overlooking or under appreciating the amount of help they can do, and the Power itself that comes from being a part of something that has the intentions someone would expect a pious cause to have. If it is just inside you.

What is real? I know I know. Stop diggin’ on existence, well shut up.

Our bodies are made up of something that is made up of something, infinite.  We can know about it by looking in and with correct allocation of resources and time, technology and innovation, will and power, we can develop a more detailed View. 

In an attempt to See scientists have been looking into various types of foods.

In an attempt to See people sociologist have been looking into people threwout time and space, and with the internet taking off [technology wise] we are able to do these cross-cultural analysis’s at new levels of accuracy and in, really, ridiculous speeds.

In an attempt to Think I have been thinking for a while about the weight of America, then when a friend of mine showed me a Thing that her mom was doing [The Weight of America] I got hit.  Speculation is tolerance, here…

Livestock cultivation has been often referred to as the worst thing in history for the health of the individual.  What I mean is, before, when tools were a animal fur jacket and tomahawk life was really changed when the nomadic man changed into a non-moving entity.  Eventually lines were drawn, wars were fought, and people we able to reproduce under protection at a rate that we were able to take over all that the light touches, human beings.  This was subconsciously happening. We, our evolution, was able to choose a path of creativity and imagination with nostalgic attachments to material objects because we were able to keep things.  As our numbers grew so did the communication levels needed and the parts of the brain compensated for, raised our linguistic capabilities and adjusting for setting on the globe with our sensories [the 5 senses]. [Really it is crazy to me to thing that we, the people developed so much the same so far away and in seemingly consistently different geographies and climates]  The pictures of primitive skulls show the evolution, and just like in a democracy there is power in numbers and cooperative direction, there is power in numbers In evolution because locally [Relative] Effects. 

So the sedentiary life of agriculture and horticulture had the obvious drawbacks of less leisure time and less movement with the peace of mind in the security that a house, community, city, state, world, can have When.

And it might be a little broad to say anything like that, [livestock cultivation] defiantly changed the game but why is America the Biggest nation?  We have TV shows about losing weight, people addicted to non-drug drugs, a whole industry of OTC pills dedicated to weight loss.  Our heart burn problem stems out of something, looking into the sun I think about “The Almighty Doller”, as Lil Wayne discusses in his work I’m me—a beautiful piece of his lifes work that portrays a picture perfect street dream.  Not being ironic, I see that he see’s what people Think they want, sorry to some but what’s up to some. The big fish know what I’m talking about, my NY blanks.  Who’s to say if life should be how it is painted, or that Monster Wayne could say how things really are. But it is possible to see what studio and television and times want. [haha not this, I tell people something no one else can because I, Know—that I don’t Know anything]

I never shook anything that wasn’t segregated.  And nothing will be enough, even if I were the last on earth I’d still try to bring the people together to agree On.

So I’ll look into the biggest money making money makers, maybe some other stuff along the way that makes sense to me why it connects.  It hits me in the face.

So what is marketable about bacon, is it the price? We know that competition drives down quality and price [usually], so is it reasonable to think that something was sacrificed in this quest to feed the hunger—the materialist power that comes from being about to save money from generations, and the retardation that holding onto money has on evolution, the politics that have been practiced and carried out the same threw out all written time [that’s another day, really I don’t know about that wording yet]

Protecting one’s investment is something that responsibility pushed by social taboo inject into us when we leave the cut. Ever sense the first look into the light we [Americans] are told what is good or bad in an effort to ‘protect us’, to give us a shield to help the public eye look at You better, in the magazines or books or newspapers, those are all aimed to sell and please—The root of all evil, and creativity. 

Greed isn’t the same as it usted to be, paper currency took that to a different level if you ask me.  And the respect that people think that comes from being a ‘Rich Boy’, or why else would ‘show me the tax returns’ be common language quote.

So is it the competition or the minds lust for flavor that caused livestock to be one of the most profitable industries in the most proportionally bigger nation? [SHIT, then you could give power to the wrong conversation by asking if it is unconstitutional to try and help people by putting legislative restrictions on citizens personal choices.

One thing I don’t get is how rules on can be the same as rules for. Do I have to say it twice?


If people don’t act now, all the lawyers in the world won’t measure up to the delay in Democracy we will continue to see. Break fast then. Be trail blazers. Be bold.Image